Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eco snack bags for the new School Year!

Fabric for the snack bags!

Here you can see some of the fabric that I selected to make a few snack bags. In my last post I told you about making more school stuff for my daughter. She wants to have cute handmade snack bags to bring and show to her new friends at school :-))

We were looking for something special in my pile of fabric. This is something that I don't like to do because I have to take out all the fabric that I have from the closet and then to put it back where they are supposed to go. :-( To much work!
Anyway, we found adorable fabric that I even forgot I had! See?, it's not so bad as you think Lolo :-)

I could not finish all of the bags that I wanted to make because I ran out of lining :-( tomorrow I will buy some to finish the rest.

Anyway, I made two sizes of snack bags. One for sandwiches or something else and the other for little snacks, like cookies, carrots, nuts, etc, etc.

The main fabric is 100% cotton. For the inside I used a waterproof nylon fabric. They close with white Velcro. They are easy to clean at home. You can use a wipe to clean the inside or if the fabric gets dirty you can hand wash it or machine wash in a delicate program.

I prewashed the waterproof nylon before I sew it. They are ready to go and use. These eco- friendly snack bags are reusable and more practical that the traditional plastic ones.

Now I have to start making the backpack for Friday! Wow... no time for stopping or doing something else. See you again on Friday I hope to finish my project on time !

Let me show you some of the finished snack bags!

Ready, set, Go!

Chicken, chicken!
Sandwich size!


Frisky Feline likes grapes too!
Sandwich size!

Small size!

Sandwich size!

What? More grapes?

Well, grapes it is, you should always eat fruit!
Sandwich size!

Small size!

I hope you like them!

Take some Eco friendly reusable snack bags to school!


Snowbell said...

cool bags - will go well with my eco snacks :)

ecokaren said...

Hi Lolo,
I've been meaning to make these too and just haven't had the time this summer.

I just love the eco-friendly bags. And they are so pretty too. How did we get so brainwashed by Zip Log bags all this time? All those plastic waste we've created in lieu of these types of pretty bags!

Your daughter will be so cool to have these bags! Very pretty fabric patterns.

As always, you do great work!

jen said...


Hollyrocks said...

Those are brilliant! I think the velcro is a very nice touch. I wish I had about a dozen of these sweet little bags!

BululuStudio said...

I love these bags Lolin! Gals I got two of them from Lolo and I love them all. Keep up the good work and GO GREEN!!...Thank you so much :D

Elise said...

Hello, I wanted to leave a comment for you because I've really enjoyed having a nose around your site. You have great pictures and you write really well too.

Thank you for sharing and best wishes, have a lovely weekend

lolo said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I'm still working on those little bags.I will post more pictures next week. I could not blog today about the lunch bags and backpack because they are not finished yet!. I'm losing my nerves, schools starts Monday OMG!


your blog is amazing. I love music and dance.I've danced my whole life since I remember. Thank you so much for your visit.

Have a wonderful weekend gals!

Lolo :-)

Jackmon said...

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