Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A friendly and eco Birthday!

Paper for the home-made Piñata!

My daughter asked me for a unique and different birthday party. I came with the idea to have an eco friendly recycled party. She was really excited about that :-))

As parents, my husband and I are trying to introduce our daughter to this real and fragile world. We teach her everyday that it is important to recycle some materials to not destroy the environment.

So we decided to make the piñata, the decorations and the surprise presents for the guests out of recyclable materials that we had around the house.

I took us around two days to finish the Piñata. We covered the balloon with little pieces of news paper, I glued them together using the paper maché technique, using our home-made glue with flour and water, which then gets cooked until it turns a little translucent. We call that glue "engrudo" in spanish. After it was dry I cut a hole on top of the piñata so we could put the presents inside. After that the top was closed with more paper and gesso,

The balloon is completly covered with paper.

After closing it back again we coated it with the gesso to make it tougher to break.

Cover with white acrylic gesso.

Once it dried, we decorated it with curly strips of tissue paper in pink and green, some of my daughter's favorite colors (for now)

She is curling the tissue paper

She made and glued the ears, eyes, arms and legs. She wanted to have a cat Piñata but when the piñata was done it resembled a puddle instead of a cat. :-))) It was funny!

I'm blind... Where are my eyes?

Now I can see! Hooray!

I'm ready for the fight! :-))

The girls had fun hitting the Piñata. It took at least two rounds of very determined girls to finally break it open! I was a little sad to see it destroyed on the floor.

For the surprises we just bought some candy and we handmade the rest. She made special and wonderful necklaces and I made cute little heart magnets. We used recycled craft felt to make them. Take a look!

Necklaces and Heart Magnets.

The girls were really happy with their surprise!

I also made the cake and she decorated it with some white frosting cream :-))) They loved it! specially my husband! :-))
We decided that we were going to eat the cake without utensils, other than your mouth. Why do kids love getting al smeared with chocolate? hmmm that must go back a ways.

Special Decoration! :-)

Mami ( me ) always doing funny things, never growing up!.

She had a great and unforgettable day. They played outside all the time. It was raining at the beginning but it didn't matter for them since my daughter planned a wet birthday and everyone brought their swimming suits. Water balloons got them started and after that we set up a simple water slide that was a lot of fun. Everyone ended really muddy because they rolled out of the slide into the wet ground, so a pressure washing was needed to get them back to their original state, otherwise their parents would not recognize them!. It was a wonderful and unique Birthday!


BululuStudio said...

The piñata is so cute, love the color combo.

Those necklaces and magnets are beautiful and very colorful too. Eco-friendly birthday is the way to go...very clever.

Que lástima que no pude ir...

M.Jess said...

I loved the piniata!!! very cool Lolo!!!

Kate8085 said...

Wow, Lolo!
What a great party!
I am so impressed that you make your own glue..I would have never even thought to do that.
I absolutely love the hearts and necklaces, you two are a dangerous pair! So much talent.

Hollyrocks said...

That sounds like an awesome party party! I think it's great that you're teaching your daughter how to make use of recycled materials. And you certainly didn't sacrifice any of the style, everything turned out so festive and cute! I love you picture of you with the icing. You seem like a very fun mom. :-)

ecokaren said...

My daughter always wants to buy a pinata. Now we can make one. Thanks for the tutorial! Cool party!

lolo said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about my daughter's birthday.

She had a really good time :-) Me too!

I love to play with my daughter and making funny faces. She says all the time to her friends: I have the craziest Mom in the whole world! Hooray!

ryan manning said...


jen said...

this looks like so much fun! I love the pinata and the party favors. very cute!