Monday, August 31, 2009

Wet, textured and weird weekend!


Let me tell you just three things that happened to me last week!. Maybe you don't know but this year I have to bike with my daughter to school. It is a new experience and a good exercise for her. But last Thursday it was a very rainy day. Do yo remember the famous movie musical " Singin' in The Rain" with Gene Kelly? , well I was bikin' in The Rain! The rain was pouring.

We were wearing plastic ponchos but they did not work at all. As a matter of fact they actually collected so much water that at one point we looked (and felt) like an exploded water balloon!

When we got home we were completely drenched, including our underwear. But you know what?, we had a lot of fun riding our bikes under the rain. We sang and stuck our tongue out to feel the raindrops.

Here are some pictures after our adventure.

She is wet!

Me too!

On Saturday morning when we were preparing breakfast I realized that another tree had fallen down in my back yard. For around three years we've been asking our neighbors to cut down the dead trees but they don't care. Their response was, "it was an act of god!" WHAT?

The last time a tree smashed the cottage (our carpentry, welding etc. workshop). The insurance paid the damage to the structure, but it did not pay the weeks of (our) work to insulate, wire and air-condition it so we could work in it again. This time it didn't break the cottage (just the lights and a saw-horse), but it fell exactly where my husband was working just a couple of days before.

A big branch came crashing down and impaled itself in the ground like an arrow! It is almost impossible to move it.

The positive part is that I have a natural sculpture in my back yard.

Here are some pictures of the tree.

One part of the tree!

Another piece!

The arrow tree!

Another view!


And then...

The day before Sunday I had a beautiful purse on my online store that was actually being featured in the Weekend Bogo Sale, so it had a lot of exposure and sold right away. That Sunday a really weird woman came to visit my studio (she picked up my business card at the local craft shop and they gave her the address!) with the pretense of buying something, we talked for hours and at the end she didn't buy anything.

After she left I went out with my family and when I came back to my studio to prepare the bag to be shipped the next day I realized that my bag was gone!. I had it on a side table, ready to wrap it like always I do but it wasn't there. I was crazy looking everywhere without success. Unbelievable, isn't it! My bag was stolen inside my house and I didn't see it. Something to learn!

The girl that bought my bag was really nice and understood my situation. I canceled the transaction immediately and refunded the money. Now I have to find another similar batik fabric to make another purse for her. Maybe she will buy it! Will see !

The stolen bag!


Huayruro said...

I can't believe what happens to you, as we say here in Peru you need a bath with "ruda" :)

Marbella Designs said...

wow, like they say, "when it rains, it pours" no pun intended.
you should talk to someone at the craft shop about giving out your address, that is not acceptable.

Hollyrocks said...

You and your daughter are too cute! Instead of letting the rain bring you down, you took the opportunity to have a little bit of fun. I love that!

It's too bad that your neighbors won't cut down their dying tree. That's dangerous! And wow, I can believe a woman had the nerve to take up your time AND steal your merchandise. People, I tell ya.

ecokaren said...

OMG.....So glad you came out of it all ALIVE! The tree could have killed you and the woman could have been a psycho!! I think you should have a talk with that craft shop. That is totally wrong! They should NEVER give out your home address without consulting you first!

Sorry this happened to you but glad you are alright!

jen said...

Oh my gosh! That is absolutely crazy...I can't believe they told some crazy lady where you live, and that she stole from you right in your own home! What a freak! That tree is very scary too! Glad you are okay!

lolo said...

Thank you so much for your comments. I took all my business cards from the store. I don't want to have again a stranger in my house. The people from the store were very sorry about that :-((( The woman was really crazy!

Lolo :-))

Alexiev said...

Great images...

Best regards...