Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderland Backpack!

Materials for the backpack!

You have any idea how many hours it took me to finish my daughter's backpack?

It was a big challenge! I could not post before because it wasn't ready. I was supposed to write something about this project last Friday. It was impossible. That day was the " meet the teachers" day. We were really exhausted at the end. The school was full of kids and confused parents walking in every direction.

On the weekend I could not work on this project either. We were busy trying to buy the last stuff for the school. Of course we couldn't find what we needed because everything was sold out! :-(( We live in a University Town and all the college students come back to Gainesville the last two days of vacation and invade the stores like locusts. The stores were awfully crowded. We had to hop from store to store trying to find things and wasting so much time standing in line to pay for a single item, unbelievable! Another exhausting weekend! :-(( I didn't have the energy to work on her backpack.

She was sad because she wanted to bring her new and handmade backpack the first day of the School!

I cut everything that I needed for the bag on Sunday night! So, Monday morning I started making her unique backpack! I took a lot more time that I thought! During the process I encountered lots of little detail problems that I had to figure out! I also had to take some pictures of my products and work in Photoshop. At the end of the day I was tired, my arms and eyes were in pain. Another dissapointing day for her :-(((

Yesterday night I finally finished her backpack! It was a new experience for me! This is the first time ever that I make something like this. It wasn't easy but I learned a lot!

I made the bag using Red Fashion Corduroy Fabric. Inside it has a print calico red cotton fabric. The lining is quilted. It closes with a light pink zipper. I added an outside pocket. For the appliques I used recycled fabric. She drew her special cat. The outside pocket closes with Velcro and I decorated it with my own free motion stitch style using yellow thread. We discussed a lot about the design. She was sitting next to me almost all the time following the steps. A very tough client! but she was really happy and excited at the end.

Let me show you some pictures about the progress and the final result!

Wonderland dream!

Tree, cloud and sun!

Her black cat!
She is still blind so I have to embroider her eyes and mouth.

Another view!

The final! :-) (almost)


Raven said...

It's so very adorable...I want one!

I'm sure she's absolutely LOVING it...great job! :)


MissButler said...

Lolo - I love reading about the projects you and your daughter work on together. The backpack is sooo fantastic. I hope she has a great year in school! -Marianne

miss indie said...

okay. so.
I am absolutely in LOVE with how crafty you are! :]
I can't stop reading your blog, it's all so lovely.

lolo said...

Thank you so much girls for your lovely visits :-)) I love what I do and I enjoy writing about my craft, inspiration, life and of course about my awesome family.

Lolo :-)

Alicia Istanbul said...

Wow. That's got to be the coolest backpack I've ever seen. You're so talented.

AlyGatr said...

Lolo, your work awes me all the time! I wish I had a backpack like that :) You have inspired me to learn to applique and embroider...slowly...but I am learning!!

jen said...

this is so awesome!! I'm sure she is just giddy with excitement! Who wouldn't be with such a spectacular backpack! You're such a great mom to take the time to make such special things for your daughter. That's something that will stick with her always.

Curtis Collectables :) said...

OMG, that back pack is so adorable. I wish I had one when I was in school. BTW, you can win a owl brooch on my new site. I hope this isn't coming off as spammy. I just want someone cool to win.

Hollyrocks said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I bet it was worth the time, because your hard work is reflected in the amazing detail. She must be so proud to have such an artistic Mama!!