Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18th...

I got this cute doll from my sister when I got married. She is wearing our typical Chilean dress that is used in our Festivities.

Land of the Mapuche warrior, of the good wine and the coveted copper. Long and narrow, from North to South, with its arid deserts and fertile green valleys. Land of songwriters and wholehearted poets that sing of illusion and hope. Dreamers and fighters with 200 years of living and thinking of love.

From the distance, I celebrate my 18th, cooking empanadas, and drinking my good wine while listening to a song.

Viva Chile M....! my missed land!

Today is a special day for me and for my country. We celebrate our Independence Day. Everywhere from the North to the South we go out at night to sing, dance, eat, drink our traditional food, listen to live music, etc. I remember when I lived there, I would go out with my family to visit some Fondas to eat, dance and have fun.

I danced a lot with my father, he was an amazing dancer. We danced the Cueca, our traditional dance. It is not easy to learn how to dance Cueca, but my Dad did it fantastically. It was always a pleasure to dance with him. When I tried to teach my husband how to do this, believe me! It was a disaster. He is not from my country and he doesn't have that rhythm to follow the music. No more tries ever... :-((

Today I cooked my delicious empanadas to celebrate it. They smelled and tasted gorgeous.
Take a look of them!

Raw empanadas!

Ready to eat!

For this weekend from 9/18 till 9/20 I'll be offering Free Shipping in my stores to celebrate it.
Have a great weekend to all!


jen said...

Happy Independence Day Lolo! Those empenadas look amzing! My stomach is growling...seriously.

Don't worry, I will post pictures of my show next week. Just no time before, must work work work to get ready! Have a lovely weekend!

AlyGatr said...

Happy Independence Day! I LOVE empanadas....and now that I see yours I want some...mmmm

Hollyrocks said...

Happy Independence Day!! Thank you so much for sharing your traditions with us. The doll is so cute, I just love her face. And the empanadas look AMAZING! I've never had one, but I really want to try one now!

BululuStudio said...

I want empanadas and that doll is super cute. Felicidades retrazadas.


Happy Independence Day!
I wish I can smell those deliciousss I'm sure!

Stormy said...

Oh my! those empanadas look good!
It's after 1am ~ I should be in bed, but now I am hungry! hehe

Oh BTW ~ I had to move my blog, so I thought of a name I was happy with.

Come on over @

lolo said...

Hello my dear friends. Thank you so much for visiting my blog all the time. I have to time for blogging right now :-((( I'm hysterical! This weekend I have a craft show and I'm sewing without stopping. I hope to visit you all soon.


Lolo :-)