Friday, September 11, 2009

What a nice surprise!

Featured in September-October 2009 Cloth paper scissors Magazine

Last Friday I was so tired but that night I got a really fantastic surprise. I had no idea about it!

That night after my last post we went out to have a bit of fresh air. We went to the bookstore, I read some books there and when we wanted to go home I picked my favorite magazine to take a look . I was browsing inside and I stopped in an article about Swap Charms. I had participated a month ago in this challenge. I was looking at the charms and I said to my husband: this is not fair, my charms were so nice, why didn't they choose one of them? and after a while I realized they did!.

One of my charms was selected to be published in the magazine. I was in shock! I started shouting and dancing in the store. I could not believe it! Can you imagine to be selected among 2,000 people?. Awesome! My daughter said:" You are famous Mami, you can give some autographs to the people". Sure! in my dreams Baby!

What a nice and wonderful surprise it was. I still don't believe it but after bad times always comes something new and interesting to pick you up. Now I feel much better and I am coming back slowly with new energy, projects, ideas, tutorials, etc, etc. You will see it!

Thank you so much to my online blog friends. You give me a great advice about life.

Wonderful Charms!


I'm the number 61! Yuppie!

Featured Charm!

My charms!


jen said...

Lolo! That is so cool! I would have been dancing in the store as well!

Thanks for your kind words...don't worry about me, I'll be okay. Just frustrated.

Thanks for the blog love, and CONGRATS!

AlyGatr said...

I'm dancing here at my computer for you!!! completely awesome deserve the recognition :) You are wicked talented and the rest of the world deserves to know. You do realize I'm going to have to run out to Barnes and Noble and look for this. If I find it, I want an autograph!!! said...

This is so cool!!

ambergoulet said...


JanetDavies said...

Wow! That is pretty cool! I found your blog in the Etsy forums. Congratulations!!

yayahandicraft said...

I'm so happy for you.
Wow you are really famous, in a couple of months we going to make a line to ask you for topographies.

ecokaren said...

I knew things would get better for you!


How wonderful is that?

Keep those "surprises" coming!

laughingfridge said...

I'm happy for you! What a cool surprise, your charm is beautiful!

Hollyrocks said...

Good for you! I am so proud of you, girl! I think that pendant is absolutely gorgeous, and it totally deserves the spot in the magazine. In fact, it deserves to be on the cover! I'm glad you got the encouragement you needed to realize what an amazing, talented artist you are. Congrats!

anadiazarte said...

Love the surprise!, I am very happy for you too!, You did a great job! CONGRATS!

Helena said...

ahh wow thats so cool!!
i am happy for you
i love it when things like that happen

lolo said...

Thank you so much for your visits...

Love to all!

Lolo :-)