Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knocking on Heaven's Door!

Panoramic taken with the iPhone and me tweeting!

It was an amazing day!

Let me share with you my experience and some pictures about the show. They are not the best ever but not bad at all either.

We drove about 2 frantic hrs to get there. When we arrived to Tampa the entire highway leading downtown was a solid mess, what a horrible traffic jam! So we adventurously decided to try another exit to be on time . The second one had less traffic than the previous one although quite a bit longer :-). When we got to the Stadium there was a sea of cars.

Entering to the Stadium!
We followed the signs to the Stadium parking. Of course, since we are n00bs we had no idea that we had to pay $25.00 to park there ( a lot of money! ). We explained to the girl that we didn't have enough cash ( it was true ), so she told us we had to get out, get money and come back, yeah, right!. When we tried to turn to get out of there it was impossible. We were inside a beach of cars. So, what is one to do? we parked there for Free. I had made some really good homemade sandwiches for our adventure. They were delicious ! Yummy!

Looking for ours seats!

After we ate our late lunch :-)) we looked around us to try to find something particular to remember to get back to our car and not get lost at night. It was tough because that place is very indistinct, it was dark and we were quite far.

The Stadium was big and we got almost the last seats at the very top, in fact we had bought about the only seats left when we went online a couple of weeks before. We were just knocking on heaven's door ( I love this song anyway ). I felt dizzy! all we could see was this creeping texture moving down below, then I realized that was the crowd on the ground level, OMG!, people were going to get crushed! But for me they were like ants :-(( we had a great breeze. We took some pictures with our iPhones and we were tweeting about the show. So you know it was the biggest crowd ever at the stadium, beating the Superbowl!

Blue moment!

The opening band was Muse ( no idea who they are, they reminded me of Depeche Mode ) they played about 45 minutes. And when it was really dark at 9:00 pm suddenly the Stadium went black and everybody started shouting. U2 came walking to the stage. YEAH!

I was in limbo at that time. The sound of the music was like hearing a CD with the biggest sound, only the voice was hard to understand because of the shouting and because the Stadium is open and the acoustic is always like that in those places. But who cares? Not me baby! Bono later said that we had been the loudest crowd ever! (maybe it was me!:-)

Red moment!

I was there singing and shouting all the songs. When they played my very favorite song at that point I just wanted to cry :-))) " I Still haven't found what I'm looking for"

I had an amazing and unforgettable moment. I really recommend to see this show if it comes to your city! you won't be disappointed.

Live forever U2. This band is amazing with his music and with the message that they share all the time with the world. A great thing that happened at some point is that they connected live with the space station! Then this clown (with red nose and all) came floating by and they started talking. He happened to be Guy Laliberte, the CEO of Cirque Du Soleil ! He had a message for everyone about the care we all must take of our precious and fragile planet if we are to survive, a message that Bono shares and demonstrates all the time.

Good Bye U2
See you next time!

After the concert go find your car! where? this way? that? a lot of people were walking in circles like us! Fortunately my husband had place a pin on the GPS map and that gave us at least an idea which direction to search. When we got to the car we had to sit there for such a long time... we though we were just going to sleep there in the back but it was like a sauna! finally we decided to inch out of there bumper to bumper until very late when we finally got to the highway and headed back to Gainesville. We were so tired you cannot believe, like zombies, but, hey, happy zombies ok?

My dear husband and me after the concert!


jen said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

{I think your hearts are cuter too, but I thought that would be rude to just come right out and say!}

Stormy said...

Wow ~ Lucky You!

I Love U2! Always have...always will.

Glad you had a great time!

lolo said...

Thank you so much for visiting me :-)) I had a fantastic moment!

Jen, I was kidding about my heart! :-)) Those are cute too.

Lolo :-)