Friday, November 13, 2009

My surprise arrived!

A box with beautiful surprises!

What a wonderful surprise I had the other day! It came from France.

I was in Paris, France once with my brother around 12 years ago . At that time I was living in Germany and we decided to visit France for a couple of days. We went there with some nice old people on a bus. We stayed in a Hotel near the famous Moulin Rouge. We could see it through the window. I was really excited. We visited a lot of places in Paris. We walked throughout the city for the whole day. At night my poor feet felt the pain but who cares? When you have the opportunity to be in a fantastic place like Paris you have to do this to know every little corner of the city. And this is what I did! Proud of that! :-) I have wonderful memories that will be forever with me.

Now I will have another great memory from France in my thoughts and it came from a wonderful friend that I met through Etsy. Her name is Londi. We don't know each other personally but I hope one day we will. I found her month ago when I was preparing my poster sketch to make a Treasury. I fell in love when I saw her jewelry. Unique and very original. And the best part is that my treasury made the Front Page!

Anyway I didn't win something from her jewelry I won an adorable ornaments handmade by her from her new store. Love them! The ornaments are awesome! They smell fantastic and they are really well made! I'm so glad to have something new to decorate my Christmas Tree this year. Right now they are hanging in a special place in my studio. Nobody can touch them, only me. :-)))

Thank you so much my dear Londi for this great and unforgettable surprise.

I invite you to see her great stores: You will love them!


Here are some pictures of the ornaments that I won in a great giveaway!


The Star!

The Tree!

The Bauble!

Are they just fantastic, or what? Happy, happy to have them.


LaAlicia said...

awww, that's the best kind of surprise! :) off to check out her shop!

anadiazarte said...

Great Holiday ornaments!!!, congrats Lolo!

Maria @ Drop of Sunshine said...

That is a great surprise!!! And I saw her on the FP with your treasury I believe, her jewelry is amazing!


foxygknits said...

They are lovely! I know you will treasure them for a long, long time!

Holly said...

Those are just darling! I really enjoyed reading about your time in France too. I always abuse my feet when I'm traveling too, but that's the fun of it. I've never been to Europe though, and I'd love to go eventually. Have a great night!

lolo said...

Thank you so much for stopping by girls :-))

Lolo :-))

BululuStudio said...

What a nice surprise Lolo, those ornaments will look great at your home.

londijer said...

Thank-you my dear for the wonderful suprise!!! :) I'l so very lucky to have you in my life & thanks for all of your support. Kisses to all whom looked, you've all made me very happy! :-D