Friday, December 4, 2009

Having fun making them...

Me and my left over fabric pool!

The other night I had some good time. I was in my studio with my daughter like always and I wanted to make something new. I'm talking about new designs, appliques . So I looked at my pile of left over fabric that I have inside a mesh. I grabbed it and put all the little pieces of fabric on the floor to see what kind of colors I still had.

It was like having a little swimming pool inside my house. I couldn't resist the idea to dive into my fabric pool. I did it and my daughter immediately got my iPhone to take a picture of her silly mother. I was swimming !! Hooray!

Of course after me my sweetheart daughter dived in as well. We had some fun that midnight!

Silly mini Lady!

After laughing about ourselves I started picking some little pieces to put them on the top of my pouches. I wanted to have some textures in those specials pouches. I made them using my polyester jacquard fabric that I bought some years ago. That fabric is really beautiful and I think the little touch that I put on the top of them it gives them a vintage and modern twist. I just wanted to feel in my pouches the wrinkles that we get trough years of wisdom and beauty:-)

They are my new collection. One-of-a-kind! Quilted inside!

Great ideas always come after the Storm :-))

I'm still sewing more pouches, clutches, Christmas ornaments, brooches, etc, etc. I'm crazy! I love what I do and I think you can feel it!

Pile of my new little wrinkled pouches!

Blue Beige wrinkled pouch!

Beige Brown batik wrinkled pouch!

Beige Green wrinkled pouch!

Beige Denim wrinkled pouch!

Beige brown suede pouch!

So now tell me what do you think about my new designs? Comments are always welcome! Thank you!


BululuStudio said...

Funny pool, loved it. And those designs are awesome. Good luck Lolin.

lolo said...

Thank you so much my dear Bululu :-))

Lolo :-)

Anna M. said...

Those pictures of you two are hilarious.

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

great fabric choices, love them all!

Holly said...

These are lovely! And I like the idea behind it too. I'm glad to know that you don't just throw out your fabric scraps. One of my favorite phrases my grandma used to say was "Waste not, want not". It looks like you paired the fabrics together perfectly, and you had a fun time in the process. You girls are so funny!

lolo said...

Thank you so much for all your comments...

I love the phrase from your grandmother :-))) I try to say something similar to my daughter everyday. She is learning to save a little bit our beautiful world!

Thank you girls...
Lolo :-))))

Enid said...

They came out just beautiful, very different and unique!!! What a fun night!!


lolo said...

Hi Enid!! It was a fantastic night. With a lot fun and creativity. Love those moments... Thank you for your visit.

Lolo :-)