Friday, March 26, 2010

Find the Egg!

The Real Egg!

I was absent for a long week I think! I have been really busy making new stuff and some customer orders as well. In another post I will show you what I made :-)

You know that Easter is coming soon, right? And I'm happy giving away a cute and unique Lolo's famous fried egg handmade specially for this occasion.

Let me show you some pictures and some steps about my fried egg magnet! :-)

I used recycled materials to make the egg. Some left over of yellow and white craft recycled felt. A beer cap ( Corona :-), some embroidery floss, some polyester stuffing, magnet and heavy glue.

I used a small glass to draw a circle on the yellow fabric felt. After I cut it I sew around the circle and I fill the egg with a little bit of polyester stuffing. The yolk is almost ready!

I decorated the middle of the egg with some embroidery beige thread. After that I cut another circle but this time in white fabric. I sew the white circle part of the egg to the yolk using some white cream embroidery thread.

After the egg was finished I glued the yolk to the beer cap. I waited for some ours until dry and finally I glued the magnet at the back of the beer cap.

Voila! My lovely egg is ready to go to another home!

Do you want to win this lovely egg? I think so!

To win my egg just find it in my store!

Have fun and Good Luck! :)


parallel-botany said...

Yes, I *do* want that lovely egg!

illi said...

O its cute! I WANTS ^_^

Holly said...

This is SUCH a cute design! I think eggs are so adorable.

Also, I just saw your birthday post. I hope you had a wonderful day!

jewelrygirl said...

That is so very cute!