Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patchwork blankets!

Some yarn to work on...

I'm crocheting some squares to send to Chile to make patchwork blankets. I'm not the fastest person in the world doing this but I do my best :-)

I don't know if you already read my other article about this project? If not take a look here

My first squares!

I'm so happy about the response of some Etsy vendors about this cause. The idea is to make a solidarity blanket which consists in creating a quilt made of 20x20cm (8" x 8" ) squares (that can be crocheted or knitted) utilizing any type of yarn. These squares will then be sewn together to create the blankets. For about a month I was getting the squares. Now they are flying to my country Chile to help the people in need.

My daughter was also exited about this project . She talked at her school about this and a classmate cooperated sending me a square that was made by his grandmother.

I'm still making more and more. It's fun. Relaxes me a lot! :D

I wanted to thank to all the vendors who took the time to make these beautiful squares. And the best way that I could find was just to make a post about it. I think your generosity was amazing! Thank you so much again!

Squares going to Chile! :D

Denise Paley


Thank you so much girls for the Turkish Coffee!

My daughter's classmate Grandmother !



RoadToGrinnell said...

How wonderful! Are you still taking squares? I love to crochet and would love to send you at least one square, if you still had time!

Rachel - roadtogrinnell.etsy.com

(I follow you on Twitter! @RoadToGrinnell)

lolo said...

Hello Rachel! Yes! I'm still taking them. I'll contact you through Etsy.

Thank you so much!

Lolo :-))

Joyce said...

So beautiful - all the colors and textures of these squares! I am still working on mine and bought more yarn today - I will send them soon!

Great photos-what a wonderful thing you are doing. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

Joyce (unflappableproducts on etsy)

Whimsical Trovers said...

That totally rocks! Thanks for including my squares in yr lovely photoshoot-- all the contributions look so good.


shebbodesign said...

Participating your "charity for Chile" project was a pleasure for me! All the contributions look beautiful! Btw, I hope you like the "Turkish coffee".. Thanks so much :))

foxygknits said...

Hi Lolo: Lovely post. I don't crochet, but I do knit! If you are still collecting squares, I am happy to whip up several for you. I will need the measurements and any yarn restrictions, etc. I also do a feature on my blog (http://foxygknits.com), Art from the Heart, and I would love to feature you and your project.

You can reach me through my etsy shop: foxygknits.com Regards, Lois

By Sweet Mom said...

I am so honored to be part of this wonderful charity project, thank you sooo much

Con pájaros en mi cabeza said...

Lolo!!! you're so great :)
You can see photos of the first blankets that we've making these days:)


I hope see yours soon....estamos listas para seguir urdiendo.
Un abrazo gigante.

Dreamy Vintage said...

Wonderful job ladies!

Holly said...

What a wonderful idea! I think this speaks so highly of you as a person. When you see that your home country is in need, you take action to help out. I like that about you. I want to learn to crochet soon. Maybe I can send some squares too!