Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lulu my new bird!!!


"Lulu the lovely pink bird flying to find her new sweet home "

Lulu loves to be near the window, looking at the sky and listening to you. She is really quiet and a special friend to talk to! You will love her!

Next to the window, looking at the sky!

I created Lulu some weeks ago using some Eco friendly, recycled craft felt!

I was sitting in front of my desk before I went to bed, thinking about what else could I create. So the idea came to me to make some birds. Cute little birdies to decorate your special space in your home, studio, etc, etc.

That night Lulu was born. A cute little bird in pink!

I drew the shape of the body in a piece of paper to make the pattern. It's tiny!

Making another Lulu in purple!

I cut the shape using my new pattern in a little piece of craft felt. I cut out a little circle in the head and at the back I put a piece of white felt to create the big eyes. I hand embroidered the little Lulu using different kind of embroidery threads. For the legs I used craft wire. It wasn't easy to make them. After trying bending the wire a couple of times I got it the way I wanted it.

So that way my new cute little bird could land!

Now I'm making more Lulu's in different colors, like the pictures above!

I hope you like my new design. She is ready to go to your home. Available in my cute store!

Taking a little fly and resting at a big stone outside my door!

Sitting next to me, hearing what I'm saying to her!



Enid said...

It is so cute!!!! Welcome to the handmade world Lulu!!!

LiLi said...

Lulu is sooo sweet!

Etsy Latino said...

Wonderful bird Lolo! It is so cute!

Krishenka said...

What a sweetie love it lolo

londijer said...

Beautiful and great photos as always!

jdavissquared said...

awe. cutie little bird!

Holly said...

Lulu is SO cute! Your photos are very nice too.

lolo said...

Thank you so much for all your cute comments about Lulu. She is very happy about that!

Lolo :D