Friday, October 22, 2010

Together Forever!

Lolo Sinclair

"We can not split after dead so we have to continue staying "Together Forever" ha, ha, ha!"

Inspiration to create this piece came from the famous Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada and mexican sugar skulls. Posada had a special humor about skeletons and so do I... I think!

This piece was published in "Cloth Paper and Scissors Magazine" 2010, issue #32, September/October.

"Together Forever" was made using wood, Apoxie® Clay, paper, wire, fabric, felt and metal. The heads were created with recycled craft felt that I hand embroidered. The hat is a beer cap that was burned and stamped, and the veil was made with acrylic- painted tulle. The tree is a natural branch and the base is made of steel nails and Apoxie clay.

Published in a Magazine! September/October 2010!

I was so happy when the editor of the magazine sent me an email telling me that my piece was selected to be published for the next issue. I couldn't believe it! I was in Heaven again!!

I made this piece thinking about me and my husband. We are a crazy couple!! The inspiration to make this piece how I said before came from Posada and my husband as well. He is a Mexican artist and he has a special kind of humor about dead and skeletons.

So this unique piece are Me and Him together forever. You can't run away from me baby! Te jodiste, jajajaja!

I like to take pictures about my work and the whole process as well and I also love to share it with You. So lets get started!! No more words!

Enjoy the long journey and don't be scared!

Cutting the pattern!

Embroidered the eyes!

Almost done with the face!

The first idea that I got to make the body ( bones ) was using some wire and soldering the pieces together. I thought It was a piece of cake to do this. I was wrong!! I couldn't do it!! I'm not soldering ( stained glass ) any more so I lost my powers. I felt depressed!! I just wanted to cry! The only thing that I got that day was thousands of mosquito bites because I was working outside to avoid the fumes!


So after my depression my dear husband gave me a wise idea. He told me to use Apoxie clay to make the bones. And this is was I did!



Making the veil!

Adding some vintage color!

Finished Veil !

Te Amo cap hat!

Making and painting the flowers!

Sewing the veil to the head of the bride!

Gluing the bottle cap to the head of the groom!

Branches from outside my house!

Making the base of the tree!

Painting the base of the tree!

Close up of the couple!

Together Forever
Ha ha ha!
My Husband and Me!

Hope you enjoy the long journey just as I did. It was an excited process where I learned a lot of new things.


Liliana said...


londijer said...

Amazing!! A very long process, great photos & you deserve the very best, CONGRATS! xx Londi

UNA shop said...

Congrats Lolo!!! Me encantaaaa! Muy original y creativo y romantico :) y divertido de leer jaja! xox

lolo said...

Thank you so much for all your great comments about my piece!

- Liliana -------> Te recomiendo inspirarte en mi trabajo tal cual como yo me inspire en Posada para hacerlo. Por favor trata de no copiarlo. Muchas gracias y dejame verlo cuando lo tengas listo.


jdavissquared said...

This is amazing! What a great job!

Congrats on being published as well. It's great to see you around again.


Hola Lolo
Eres una artistaza,que detalles todo el acabado de estas figuras.
Gracias por compartir el tutorial.
Que graciosa tu y tu marido jejeje!!
Que tengas una hermosa semana

Little Treasures said...

This is so impressive! No wonder it's been published - it truly deserves it!
Your work is so inspirational! Thank you for dropping by and revealing a piece of your heaven!

Manuel said...

Amor más alla de la vida... un toque irónico y macabro a la vez...

lolo said...

Thank you so much for all your comments about my piece.

Lolo :-)

Enid said...

Me encata chica!!! Esa escultura te quedo bella!!!