Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Thoughts!

Snow day!

Today it was an awesome day! When I was sewing a new pleated pouch I looked trough the window and I saw it was snowing! Yuppie!

You don't know for how many years I was waiting for this moment. A lot! And today my dream came true!

I love the snow since I was a little child. I enjoy so much playing outside making snow balls or snow men. Where I come from we have a lot of snowy days in winter. It is also really cold and windy just like here. I feel to be in my city sometimes. :-)

After 30 minutes of snowing the ground was covered in white everywhere. I couldn't resist and went outside for a walk! No more sewing just relax and enjoy the snow!

I took my little camera and my iPhone as well to take some pictures. It wasn't so cold but I forgot to bring my hat so after a few minutes my hair was a bit wet.

I came back home to pick up my fancy hat because my head was feeling a bit cold. Then I went around my small neighborhood taking some more pictures.

All the trees outside my house are naked. No more colorful leaves! Just beautiful shades of gray!

At the other side of my house is a farm with a lot of horses! During winter the owner covers them with a jacket ( they look so cute ) and at 4:00 PM they take the horses inside the farm and tuck'em in, nighty night!. Every day in the morning when we are eating breakfast we see when they bringe the horses outside one by one. They are beautiful!

I didn't realize that across my street was a little pine tree. I noticed today when I was taking this picture. This area has a lot of pine trees everywhere and they are huge. This one is still a baby!

White thoughts in my dreams,
white rain touching my skin,
white drops falling from the sky
white snow trough my black eyes.

Lolo Sinclair!


Sarah Elizabeth Foley said...

Lolo.... this is beautiful! I enjoyed reading this so much. I love your photos! I am happy that you stopped your sewing and went outside to explore! ;)

lolo said...

Thank you so much Sarah for your visit. It was a wonderful day to be outside.

Lolo :-)

jdavissquared said...

So glad you got to experience the snow again! I love snow, and can't imagine going without it all winter. However...ask me how I feel about it in February. I'll be over it by then!

lolo said...

Thank you Jen for stopping by! I love your post about me :-))

Thank you so much my dear!

Lolo :)