Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool hats!

Cute winter hats!

We recently moved to live in a cold area so we needed to have new and fun winter, warm hats.

I made one for my husband, one for my daughter and of course one for me.

Fleece seemed like a good choice of material since it is so soft and warm . They are really wonderful to wear in this cold NY winter weather.

My husband is crazy about robots "Mr. Robots" so I made his hat with a cute yellow robot applique. He loves it! Unfortunately some pictures are not so good because I was working on the hat at night!

My daughter is crazy about cats "Miss Kitty" so I made for her a blue cat hat. The design that I used to create the hat was her own cat design. She was thrilled to see her own drawing become a hat. Her classmates were amazed when they saw the cat hat at school! :))

For me I just made a monster, skeleton hat. I didn't have some white fleece to make the eyes so I had to use yellow. My skeleton turns into a funny monster!

Copyright © 2011 Lolo Sinclair


jdavissquared said...

aw, cute! love the cat!

Ben said...

Love the cat, its awesome, Maybe for my neice, hmmmmm...