Friday, February 18, 2011

Pillow cases for a good cause!

Last year I participated in a noble cause called "1 Million Pillowcase Challenge"

I made 13 pillowcases using all the fabric that I have in my closet. It was a wonderful experience to do this for a good reason. I just wanted to make more but it was impossible because I was so busy making a lot of pouches that I didn't have enough time to make anything else.

So by the end of December I took all the pillow cases that I made including some from my team mates to the quilting store in my town to be donated to a local charity.

The store owner was thrilled to see all the pillowcases that I gave to her.

If you don't know how to make a pillow case for yourself you will find a good tutorial about how to make them using the french seams technique. Really easy to follow!

My process, some fabric that I used, my pillowcases and the nice lady at Quilters Corner.

Copyright© 2011 Lolo Sinclair


Holly said...

You are always finding good things to do for the world. You're such a lovely person, Lolo! ♥


Hola Lolos
que lindo echo,admiro a la gente que se dedica a estas causas,se todos en el mundo damos un poquito,la cosa va mejorando!
mis respectos por tu trabajo eres una persona hermosa.
te dejo un abrazo virtual
feliz finde