Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr. Pink Mustache garland!

Mr. Pink Mustache garland!
July it's going to be a really busy month for me. My sweet daughter is turning 15 years old at the end of this month. So I need to hurry up to finish all the decorations for the party (just started making some last weekend, lazy Mom :(

We have a pink tradition when you turn 15 years old in Latin America ( quinceañera ) but we are not in our country right now ( Chile ) so we are transforming a little bit the tradition. She doesn't want to wear a pink dress for her big day she decided to wear a champagne color dress instead of a pink one. Beautiful decision!

The decoration for the party will be in pink with something funny (black mustaches). She is crazy about mustaches :)

I started cutting, ironing the fabric for the garland last weekend. It is not finished yet :(


Mustache and black felt

Pink garland with a mustache

Now I have to add the bias binding and sew the hole garland.

See you another day and happy sewing!


Friday, June 7, 2013


We are spying this cute bird nest. A few days ago the little birdies were born. We can't see them from my house's window. So we see sometimes the little peaks when the mother or the father feed them. It is soo cute!

Another one!


Better pictures are coming soon! :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hot Pockets for teachers!

Hot Pockets not finished yet!

Yesterday afternoon I starting cutting a lot of fabric to make some hot pockets for my daughter's teachers. I didn't realize it would be so much work. My poor hands hurt so much after cutting to much fabric :(

Fabric, batting, Mylar/poly batting (Insul-Bright)

For the pocket  sleeve we decided to add a cute hot pink bird design. I love it! It looks very cut!

Cute little bird!

After sewing all the birds I quilted the other part of the pockets. I have something to admitted It was pretty heavy to quilt all the layers together. I had to use the walking foot to sew them.

I normally quilt in a crazy way.

Quilted piece!

Quilted piece and pocket sleeve finished!

Placing the sleeve pocket on the top of the quilted piece!

Sewing the two pieces together!

The pocket looks like a slipper, hahahaha! So for the next time I will use the same idea to make some slippers.

My plan for today is to cut and sew the binding part to the pockets. It will take a while to do this! I'm not the fastest person in the world sewing bias binding.

They need to be ready before Thursday. So I need to hurry up!

Happy sewing! :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More new stuff...

Pile of new checkbook covers!

Always busy making something.. :) This time I was making lots of checkbook covers, business cards holders to give them to your girlfriends, bridesmaids, mothers, teachers, etc, etc. I made them using some cute, funny, bright, colorful cotton fabric that I found in my closet (fabric closet). The patterns that I used were cats, owls, flowers, birds, chevron, geometric, etc, etc. You will love them! They are really, really cute! 

Enjoy my pictures and if you want to see more just visit my store! Bye and see you next time!

More cute fabric!
Brown black

Black white chevron

In pink
In white

Colorful pile

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have to recognize that I'm been a bit lazy. :( but the thing is that I was so busy making a lot of customer orders that I hadn't enough time to sit in front of my computer to write something or to organize all my ideas to make a post.

I'm suffering because I really love my blog and I also love what I do. I'm not complaining!! I'm happy that I'm selling a lot of clutches :) and seeing that my customers are really happy about my work.

I want to write little stories about a new project, my life and everything else. I have to many things to share with you. The point is to find the right moment and the inspiration to make it!

I also have a lot of plans in my mind about new designs, new techniques, new ideas, etc, etc. The hardest part is to put everything together!

Returning from a long journey,
where I were not with you!

Copyright© 2013 Lolo Sinclair

Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Mom!

For a Mother who lives so far away from me!
For a Mother who taught me how to be a good human being.
For a Mother who showed me how to survive in this complicated world.
For my Mother....

I love you mami...

Lolo Sinclair

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world!

Copyright© 2011 Lolo Sinclair

Friday, April 22, 2011

Something for her... in zakka style!

I think one of my objective in my life is to bring happiness to my family. And specially to my sweet daughter. She is so good that you have no idea. I love her so much because she is a really good human being.

She is growing up so fast and I know that is a part life that I don't like. I know that one day she will fly away from the nest and I won't be ready for that moment, ever.

I like to make her laugh a lot because later in life it will be harder when you are alone trying to survive in this crazy world.

I also like to make a lot of different things for her, like purses, creatures, pillows, etc, etc so that she has a nice memory about her youth.

So this time I made a new pouch for her. Really cute and unique. Specially for her! My zakka style!

She likes blue, flowers, birds and other things. I made this pouch using some elements that she likes.

I used an unbleached cotton fabric to make the pouch. For the inside I used a print flowered cotton fabric and decorated the front using some craft felt and cotton fabric.

Enjoy my process and pictures.

Please don't copy my designs. If you are interested in having something similar for you or someone else just let me know!

Copyright© 2011 Lolo Sinclair