Friday, May 29, 2009

Wristlets with Attitude!

The other day (as usual:-) I was exploring new ideas and new thoughts! I wanted to make cute and unique wristlets with some appliques and I also wanted to decorate the fabric using my sewing machine. So I grabbed again into my pile of fabric scraps.

I used them to make some on my crazy patchwork style, with some appliques and some circle flowers. These wristlets are quilted inside. I love to feel puffy purses. The handles are decorated with my straight stitch style. Normally when the handle has a plain color fabric I like to use my sewing machine to put some delicate touch on it. My purses are one-of-a-kind! Exclusive and 100% handmade with lots of care and Love!

Made using some fabric scraps in different colors. I added a fun circle flower using some recycled blue jeans and green corduroy fabric.

Applique made using little pieces of fake suede and polyester home decor fabric. I decorated the main fabric with my sewing machine using light blue thread.

Three Trees

Another one using little pieces of scrap fabric. I decorated the front of the purse with happy buttons.

I wanted to give my special and unique touch to this fabric. I made some lines and leaves using yellow thread. I added a circle flower to the front with the same tones as the purse. The cream white button is vintage.

Interested? just let me know!
Always special prices for nice friends! :-D


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baking some Donuts!

Flour Mountain

When it is raining non-stop we love to eat something sweet and what better than home-made donuts?

This is what I did... :-) hehehehe

Last week it was raining every single day :-( I love the rain but sometimes not everyday. I like the sound and quietness when you are walking trough the woods alone and far away from civilization. There is a kind of music to the drops of water falling on the leaves and gathering in the singing creeks.

Yesterday it was another rainy day so I decided to make something fun considering the weather.

Working again with craft felt I made these delicious donuts.

Ready to serve.


Who wants one?

With a glass of Soy Milk, uh!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Made Hot Batik !

I find this is a very simple alternative to the more traditional Javanese wax technique batik, which is way more involved and takes a lot more time, a luxury we sometimes don't have!
It also works good for little designs in your fabric, writing, patterns etc...

I came up with the idea as I was trying to find an easy way to mask copper for some engravings I am making, but I could not get the precise detail that I needed for that. However, for batik, you really want some free flowing forms, an this is what you get, check it out!


-Hot-melt glue gun
-Embroidery Loop or pins
-Fabric paint spray or acrylic

How to make a HoT Batik:

First stretch your cloth (I used raw muslin) or pin it to a board.

Heat your hot-melt gun.

Doodle away!

Cool uh?

Once you are done, let it cool a few minutes and then apply your color/s. I used a spray can just for this demonstration.

If you have an airbrush you could really achieve some great effects (I'll do one soon).

Done painting

(Optional) Put your masterpiece in the freezer for a couple of minutes. This will make it easier to remove the glue.

Peel off

The moment of truth...


Now...what shall I do with this?

That's it! The whole thing took just maybe 10-15 minutes. Hope you like it.
Let me know if you use it and send me some pics. I will publish them here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I have a winner.......

I have to thank all the people for taking their precious time to visit my store and participate in my "First Giveaway Ever". Thank you so much!

They were 27 participants in all. Here is the whole list:

1- Rosalie
2- jen
3- ClaudiaOlivos and SergioOlivos
4- TheElectricElement
5- katy
6- Flight Fancy
7- Mia
8- tinahdee
9- heidisblog
12-The Giveaway Diva
14-Joy White
15-Drop of Sunshine Design
27-Luxe Living

To do something fun for my Giveaway I cut some papers and wrote the numbers.

With the help of my daughter we squeezed the paper and put them inside a white colander.

squeezed papers.


Little hand picking a squeezed paper.

Little hand opening the squeezed paper


The Number two is the winner of my Crazy Stripes Patchwork Wristlet Purse!

Thank you so much jen for your participation!

See you guys again in my next Givewaway!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fried Eggs!

Some months ago I fell in love with this new technique when I saw some little cute wool things made by needle felting and decided to experiment with it .

Last Summer when I went to Linz, Austria, I found, by accident, a good store that sold great wool for felting and at a good price. I bought lots of colors, I was really excited about it.

So after I came back from my trip to Europe, I started exploring this technique. At the beginning I was really clumsy with the needles. I got lots of pricks in my fingers. I was destroyed:-(

Finally after practicing and practicing I understood how to work properly with the needles :-)

One day I got the idea to make some funny fried eggs brooches and rings. I made lots of eggs because I was in love with them.

So I brought them to a Craft Fair and they were really successful. All of them are different. Here are just some of them. Take a look!

Two delicious eggs to eat!

Sunny side up!

Fried Egg Ring.

Monday, May 18, 2009

How to make a cute quilted cosmetic zippered boxy bag!

I hope this tutorial will help you make a simple cute cosmetic little boxy pouch bag.


-Cotton Fabric ( two different colors and designs ) Fabric A and fabric B

- How to:

- Cut the two pieces of fabric ( I cut my pieces 10" by 8" )
- Cut a piece of batting the same size.

- Put the three pieces together. One will be your front and the other will be your lining. Put fabric B wrong side up, batting in the middle and fabric A right side up. Hold the pieces in place with some pins.

- Set your sewing machine in zigzag stitch or just use a free form style. And start quilting your piece.

- After quilting the whole piece, overlock or zigzag the short ends of the fabric.

- Baste the zipper to the short side of the fabric. Then sew the zipper using the zipper foot in your sewing machine. Unzip the zipper and Do the same thing for the other side. Don't forget to stitch near the zipper.

- If you want, you can topstitch on the right side of your fabric. Here I show you the result.

- Turn your piece inside out. Unzip the zipper. Baste the short ends of your little case. Like in the picture.

- Sew the shorts ends of the pouch. Then zigzag the ends of the fabric.

- Pin the four corners and use a pen to mark a line to stitch. Measure from the pen-line to the tip of the triangle so that all four sides come out equal.

- Sew the four corners over the pen-line.

- Trim the remaining fabric from the four corners. Zigzag the edges.

Turn your little boxy pouch inside out. Voila! You finished your little cute cosmetic box pouch. :-)

If you have any problem or doubt just let me know! Have fun!!!