Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet temptations...

Pound of Apples

Apples so delicious and tempting that I can't resist to have a bite. :-)

My country is really famous for the apples that we have. Since I was a little girl I ate apples all the time. Specially the red ones, they are juice and fabulous.

We export millions of apples to everywhere in the world and I'm so glad to see them here at the local supermarket because I have the opportunity to buy them and eat something native from my country.
My favorite :-D

When I got pregnant ( 10 years ago ) I could not eat red apples, ( I wanted to die! ) my body just wanted to have green apples every single day. Unbelievable, but I craved sour flavors during 9 months! And now my daughter is an apple fanatic just like me.

So during last week I was crocheting some apples. It was my first time ever that I tried to make them. I had a jolly good time doing this. I really enjoy so much crocheting and knitting. Of course nobody could talk to me during the process, (grrrr!) because I had to count every single round to not get lost. I'm not the champion girl of crochet.

Let me show you my apples. My latest creations. Want one? Two or more? Just let me know. :-)) Any color available!


First Steps




American Pie!


Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret attraction!

I'm back after the terrible weekend that I had! First I want to thank you all for your support and concern about my family and neighbors.

I didn't blog because I was really in shock and I needed time to absorb everything. I'm a sensitive gal and my feelings just rained on me.

Anyway, I took it easy and thought to make something quiet, so I decided to embroider little lovable heart magnets. I had a good and peaceful time designing and embroidering these hearts.

I love magnets! they are really useful and decorative at the same time, a good balance of form and function. You should see my frig!:-) I made them with love and care and those little hearts are just waiting for the right person to be with :-)

Here are just some of them. You like them? Let me know, I'll be glad to give you a good deal.

Pile of cuties!

The Rainy Cloud and the Sun!

Crazy Eyes!

The Yellow Flower!

Just Love!

You and Me Forever!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too close for comfort!

My neighbor's house in flames!

Today was a completely different day for me. For the first time in my whole life I witnessed a house fire right next to me. My neighbor's house went up in flames!

I was vacuuming my house and it was raining really heavy outside, with lots of lightning that kept coming closer and closer. Our cats were scared and hid under the sofa! When I went to vacuum another room in my house where my husband was working, a huge explosion happened!. A lightning struck something outside our window and the house shook, I was scared!

I asked my husband if we still had internet because the explosion and the blinding light that I saw trough the window was just next to my house. He said that nothing happened! that it might have struck a tree or a tower across the street. So after this I decided to stop vacuuming lest I electrocute myself.

I went back to my studio to check on my Etsy shop and suddenly my husband came to me and said : "there are some cars outside the house and people running under the storm". I immediately stood up and went to the window to take a look. Then we realized that our neighbor's house was in flames!. I yelled: " Call the 911 right now!" I was in shock looking trough my window as the house was burning.

Thanks God that they were not at home when the fire or the lightning explosion started, they had gone fishing, what a catch!. Now their house is gone. The smell is so strong with noxious fumes, my head and thoughts are in another world.

In just a few seconds you realize that you can't do anything against nature. I always say: Life is short, enjoy every single moment because you never know.

Let me show you some pictures of the Fire.

Right across our fence!

I thought the fire was going to jump over the fence

Gainesville's Fire Rescue

After an hour embers keep the firemen busy

Firemen working!

It might have been the chimney that attracted Thor

Oh, the neighbors just arrived from their trip to San Agustin where they go fishing on weekends, I'll go talk to them. See you soon...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yart Sale Everywhere...

Today, the huge Yart Sale on Etsy started. Yesterday I went to bed at 3:00 o'clock in the morning preparing everything in my stores. My fingers hurt with the thousand mouse clicks, my eyes were crying and my back was destroyed . What a wonderful night I had! :-)

I can't remember how many times I had to click in every single item to change the prices and tags. I just wanted to kill myself.

So after all this work, today in the morning I got an email from my dear friend BululuStudio telling me that I had to add another extra tag!!! I just shouted No Way! more tags?... and again I had to do the same thousand mouse clicks that I don't like because it hurts so much :-((((

But this is the price that you have to pay if you want to sell something online. Is not easy to be in this virtual world.

Anyway my Yart Sale is Free Shipping in my stores. If you are interested to get another extra deal just let me know. I will always have good prices for my online friends.

Free Shipping Wristlet

And more and more!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Skull Checkbook Covers!


The other day somebody asked me to make some funny skull checkbook covers. First I could not think what to do because I was so involved with my daughter's graduation that I could not think about anything else!

So after that big Day ( Graduation ) I started working on those checkbook covers. I wanted to make something simple but funny. So I found the fabric ( not so scary ) and I added a single handmade applique skull with some decorations on it. I was really gratified with the result. My daughter loves them and me too!

It was like a challenge for me to make them because usually I don't do those kind of thing but it is really interesting to see how your creativity can fly away when you have to make something completely different from your style. Cool!

My Checkbook Covers were inspired in the work of Posada which I really like.

Here are some of the Skulls that I made! Interested in something similar? Just let me know! They will make your checkbooks seem alive by comparison:-)

The Maid Beauty Skull!

The Hippie Skull!

The Grateful Skull!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


My daughter's sketch gets dressed!

Finally I finished the purse for her teacher :-) Yesterday I kept going until 3:00 o'clock in the morning and I was destroyed because the job seemed endless. I wanted to cry :-(

Today I woke up with a positive attitude, I just said to myself , no computer, no Facebook or Twitter, just forget that you have an online store, do first what you have to do! and this is what I did. I was disconnected from my virtual world.

The purse was done a couple' minutes ago! Now I have to make something for my daughter and the worst part is that I don't have any more creativity left for the rest of the day! I'm not sure if I will make a little wallet or a necklace or both . I'm at a crossroads. :-(

Anyway, let me show you the results from yesterday, I hope you like it!

Teacher's Big Bag !
Fashion Denim cotton Fabric.

Interior of the Bag ( quilted )

Fun faces from my daughter!

Tomorrow will be her big day! We have to go to the School at 7:30 A.M and this will kill me because I'm not a morning person. But this is the sacrifice that I have to do for her :-)

Stay tuned because tomorrow I will post about her graduation and my presents for her.

See you again tomorrow !

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Preparing Presents!

Sketch from my daughter

I'm making some presents for my daughter's teacher. I started yesterday making her a special bag. My daughter drew the design and I'm decorating the front of the bag with some colorful threads, fabric and wool.

I thought I could finish the project today between noon and 3:00 o'clock P.M but I'm still working. I'm getting crazy because I also have to make something special for my daughter.

This Friday will be her Graduation, she is in 5th Grade. Thanks God she is not in High School yet. But for her, this Friday will be a special day. I'm stressed right now but what else can I do?.

I adore my little princess. She is so sweet that you have no idea. She wants to have a cute wallet with some cats on it and more and more stuff from Mami.

So I have to continue working... Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post the finshed Bag and everything else.

Still not finished! :-(

I have to quilt the lining!

Needle felted Shoes!

During the process I broke the felting needle... Uh!

More cute shoes!

Tomorrow I will post the finished Bag!

See you tomorrow again!