Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New little pouches designs...

Still working in another one!

I'm still working making new cute little pouches.

Sometimes we don't like to wear big bags. Specially when you have to go really quick to buy something at the supermarket.

I like to have my little pouches to put inside some money, cards, keys, camera etc, etc. I got the idea to make them when I saw my stack of left over fabrics from other projects. So I bought some zippers and I started making them. They are absolutely one-of-a-kind! They are also great for when you have to travel light.

They are really practical to wear anytime. I'm adding some extra decorations to the front. Handmade ribbon flowers, fabric flowers, pleats using some different kinds of fabric, etc, etc. I have to decorate them because it is my style and I love it!

Inside they are quilted like almost all my bags. The fabric that I am using for my new pouches is jacquard polyester fabric and for the inside I'm using 100% cotton. Recycled, eco friendly fabric.

I made more but I didn't have time to take the pictures. For the moment I have only these three to show you!

Tell me what you thing about them. Always welcome good ideas and suggestions!

Enjoy them!

Black Beige Jacquard Yo-yo flower!

Another view!

Black Brown Circle flower!

Another view!

Blue Beige Jacquard ribbon flower!

Another view!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My surprise arrived!

A box with beautiful surprises!

What a wonderful surprise I had the other day! It came from France.

I was in Paris, France once with my brother around 12 years ago . At that time I was living in Germany and we decided to visit France for a couple of days. We went there with some nice old people on a bus. We stayed in a Hotel near the famous Moulin Rouge. We could see it through the window. I was really excited. We visited a lot of places in Paris. We walked throughout the city for the whole day. At night my poor feet felt the pain but who cares? When you have the opportunity to be in a fantastic place like Paris you have to do this to know every little corner of the city. And this is what I did! Proud of that! :-) I have wonderful memories that will be forever with me.

Now I will have another great memory from France in my thoughts and it came from a wonderful friend that I met through Etsy. Her name is Londi. We don't know each other personally but I hope one day we will. I found her month ago when I was preparing my poster sketch to make a Treasury. I fell in love when I saw her jewelry. Unique and very original. And the best part is that my treasury made the Front Page!

Anyway I didn't win something from her jewelry I won an adorable ornaments handmade by her from her new store. Love them! The ornaments are awesome! They smell fantastic and they are really well made! I'm so glad to have something new to decorate my Christmas Tree this year. Right now they are hanging in a special place in my studio. Nobody can touch them, only me. :-)))

Thank you so much my dear Londi for this great and unforgettable surprise.

I invite you to see her great stores: You will love them!


Here are some pictures of the ornaments that I won in a great giveaway!


The Star!

The Tree!

The Bauble!

Are they just fantastic, or what? Happy, happy to have them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Great Piñata Giveaway...

Tissue papers for the Piñata!

Yesterday at night I finished the Piñata to celebrate our First Anniversary of the team that I created with my dear friend BululuStudio. The name is Spanglish Team!

At the beginning we had no idea how hard it was to deal with a team. But during our amazing journey we found lovely members that supported us a lot. Thank you so much for giving me the strength to continue forward everyday in this complicated world! Love you all and Go Spanglish Team!

Now let me show you some pictures about how I made my adorable Piñata!

Gluing some curled tissue papers

another view!

Almost finished!

The eyes!

The mouth!

I'm ready to go visit the lucky winner!

Inside this great handmade Piñata are 15 wonderful presents waiting for the winner! To win this giveaway just go to the Spanglish Team blog and follow the rules.

Let me show now one present from the Piñata, mine of course.



Another view!

If you want to be the lucky winner hurry up! Good luck to all! And check all the other wonderful presents inside the Piñata!

Monday, November 2, 2009

How to make an embroidered pincushion (funny sugar skull).

Bunch of my crazy Sugar Skulls!

Today is a good day to try to make some funny sugar skull pincushions or ornaments. It's The Day of the Dead! Dia de los Muertos. Don't be scared!

I had a lot of good time making them, I flew away with my imagination. I don't use a pattern for the decoration just follow my own instinct. You will be surprised with the result.

Let me show you my easy way to make them. One more thing, they are my own creations. Please don't copy them, just make your own in your own way! :-))


-Craft recycled felt ( little pieces )
-Embroidery Thread
-A piece of paper to draw your skull pattern
-Some beads, ribbon, for extra decoration.

First you have to draw your own skull design in a piece of paper. Cut your design and then put it on your piece of felt.

After you cut the first side of the skull start making the decoration. For this use some embroidery thread in different colors.

I start first making the eyes and then the teeth.

Then the flowers in the eyes.

and more decoration till I feel happy with it.

After you finished your embroidery put the other piece of felt at the back of the head. Hold it with some pins.

Cut the second piece of felt following the shape of your skull.

After you cut it start sewing the edges of the skull using black embroidery thread.

Go around till you leave a little hole to put some stuffing inside.

Now it's time to fill the skull with some soft stuffing. Use your little finger or chopstick to push the material to go in.

When you are happy with the stuffing start closing the little hole.

After you close it make a little knot at the back of the skull and cut the rest of the thread.

Voila! you have and original and unique sugar skull creation!

Orange beauty!

Black Sexy!

Hot Baby!