Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Surprise!


What a wonderful surprise that I got today in the morning after I opened my laptop and looked at my stores. I got 7 messages... Wow! What's going on I said? I started looking at them and my dear friend ( BululuStudio ) gave me the big surprise. She wrote me that my checkbook cover was being featured on Etsy's Storque ! Yeah! For the first time ever! I couldn't believe it! I started shouting like crazy in my house. :-) So what do you think? is it not a fantastic surprise for Friday? Yes it is!

The other mails were about my latest treasury making the Front Page today in the morning. Another great news.

But this not everything! My checkbook cover has been selected by Etsy's admin to participate in a promotion called "Valentine Gift Ideas for Him". So I need your vote:-D

Please Go and vote!
Thank you so much for your support!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Be natural with canvas!

Natural canvas!

I don't remember when I bought this canvas fabric but I think it was quite a while ago :-) It was hiding inside my pile of fabric. When I rescued it from the hiding place I decided to make some new pouches. Something different without a lot of color.

I wanted to design some simple, stylish, unique purses. So I kept the original color ( natural ) and I added some extra little pieces of recycled cotton fabric or something else. They are quilted inside! The size is perfect to hold all your necessities. All of them are different from each other! They have lots of textures and feelings.

It was a wonderful process working on this unique collection! I love what I do!

But Stop right there!

I have to warn you that my post is long with a lot of pictures about my pouches. I hope you enjoy them! Have fun!

The pouches!

I added to the front part of some pouches, some little pieces of cotton fabric that I wrinkled by hand very carefully holding them in place using my free motion style stitch.

For this pouch I used three different blue colors.
When I saw the result I got the image of the sea. The pleats seem waves!

The purples!

For this pouch I used only two purple colors. A batik and corduroy fabric.
The texture is really nice. It has a light purple zipper as a closure.

The gray!

For this one I used one single fabric. It is a soft cotton fabric ( English tartan style ). Beautifully elegant!

The patchwork!

I made a little patchwork using different kind of black fabric that I sew to the canvas. I machine embroidered the rest part of the canvas using black thread.

The Japanese!

I sew to the canvas a piece of red wine polyester pleated fabric.
I also decorated the white part of the pouch using my sew machine and black thread.

The process!

The flying heart!

Another little cute patchwork! I decorated the heart with some buttons, beads and some embroidery floss.
It's a heart balloon looking for love!

The romantic flower!

I cut some circles from different fabric to make the applique.
I added a yellow button and I machine embroidered the leaves and the stem into the canvas using green and brown thread.

That was the process!

That was my experience using canvas for the moment. I still have a lot of yards of them that they need to be used in something else. I'm still thinking what else can I do with them. Suggestions are welcome! Maybe big bags for the beach, I don't know! Help me, please!

Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Back after a while + Help Haiti!


Wow... I took a long break but sometimes I need to have something like that. After Christmas and New Year I was completely tired. I had no energy in my veins :-( . I just wanted to think about my plans, life for the new year. And it takes time to organize your own life specially mine. Meanwhile I was thinking about everything I could not stop sewing and creating more stuff ( I'm addicted ) but I didn't finish all the project that I started during this break because I couldn't. I put all of them in my unfinished project's pile. Here are some examples!

The pink Owl!

Circle Tree!

And little by little a started again working and feeling much better! I got the energy what I needed it. So some of my projects were done ( like my new iPhone cases ), not all of them, but I hope to finish them soon.

Pink Owl iPhone case!

Circle Tree iPhone case!

I also started again crocheting and knitting. I made a strawberry pincushion. Isn't it cute? My daughter is in love with it!

Strawberry Pincushion!

It is supposed to be a a Coffee Cozy!

In January 1st I got my first Alchemy Request ever! I had no idea what I was supposed to do. After reading what my customer wanted from me I agreed to make her request. She wanted to have a bigger iPhone case with a black Robot. I had 15 days to finish it! So I took my time and the iPhone case was done the other night. The funny part of this was that we both had no idea how to pay for the request. It took me a while to understand that the customer has to pay me trough my personal Paypal account not through Etsy. Something new that I learned! Here are some pictures of the process!

The back of the iPhone case!

Mr. Robot in black!

Yesterday night I started sewing another unfinished project. It's going to be another iPhone case. Maybe it will be done tonight. I let you know!

The Blue Bird II!

So that was my life for a few days. Always busy making what I love! For this new year I have a lot of new ideas and projects to share. One of these projects is to open another new store to show you my Mixed Media art that I stopped making for a while. We will see it!

Solidarity Will Transform the World by Jeffrey Korgen

I don't want to close this post without a little note about the terrible tragedy that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are living through.

There are some points in life when every other thing is secondary. This is one of those moments, when millions of people are terrified and with a very grim future ahead.

We are all connected, friends, colleagues, strangers...

In two days more than 4.5 million dollars have been texted to aid in this disaster. We can help right from where we are.

Call 90999 on your cell phone and text "HAITI." You will be charged $10.00 on your phone bill, the money of which will go to the Red Cross.

If you want to send goods instead, this is one suggestion, since it goes directly to the closest point of contact (their neighbors in Santo Domingo), "official aid" always takes too much time at a time when hours make a difference:

The Centers of the Company of Jesus in Dominican Rep. (Santo Domingo: Bono and Alberto Hurtado Center; Santiago: Center Bellarmino and CEFASA; Dajabón: Border solidarity) has established an aid network to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. They are accepting the following :

- Can Kidney beans
- Can sausages - Can Sardines - Can Tuna - Saltine crackers
- non-perishable Milk - Fruit juices in non-perishable containers - Nonperishable Foods.

- Oral rehydration serum - Gauzes - Cotton - Analgesic (acetaminophen, ibuprophen) - - Elastic Bandages - Antitetanic Toxoide - Human antitetanic Ganmaglobulina - Antibiotic (amoxicifilina, in suspension and/or tablets) - Antiseptic (type yodopovidona, or type soap of clorhexidina) - sanitary Towels

Please send no clothing
You can send your contributions to the following addresses:

- Bonó, c. Josefa Brea N. 65, Mejoramiento Social, Santo Domingo.
Tel.: 809-682-4448.
(You need to activate Javascript to see this web.)


- Centro Alberto Hurtado, Av. Jiménez Moya N. 37, (al lado de
Inazúcar), Santo Domingo