Friday, March 26, 2010

Find the Egg!

The Real Egg!

I was absent for a long week I think! I have been really busy making new stuff and some customer orders as well. In another post I will show you what I made :-)

You know that Easter is coming soon, right? And I'm happy giving away a cute and unique Lolo's famous fried egg handmade specially for this occasion.

Let me show you some pictures and some steps about my fried egg magnet! :-)

I used recycled materials to make the egg. Some left over of yellow and white craft recycled felt. A beer cap ( Corona :-), some embroidery floss, some polyester stuffing, magnet and heavy glue.

I used a small glass to draw a circle on the yellow fabric felt. After I cut it I sew around the circle and I fill the egg with a little bit of polyester stuffing. The yolk is almost ready!

I decorated the middle of the egg with some embroidery beige thread. After that I cut another circle but this time in white fabric. I sew the white circle part of the egg to the yolk using some white cream embroidery thread.

After the egg was finished I glued the yolk to the beer cap. I waited for some ours until dry and finally I glued the magnet at the back of the beer cap.

Voila! My lovely egg is ready to go to another home!

Do you want to win this lovely egg? I think so!

To win my egg just find it in my store!

Have fun and Good Luck! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today is my Day!


Yes, today is my birthday! Hooray! It's time for celebration! Right now I'm trying to make myself pretty for dinner, hahaha! That takes some time! :-( My husband is still working on my present. What could it be? Maybe a diamond ring? or...? I let you know in a future post. :-)

Today in the morning I realized that I was on the front page with my "Pleats in Purple Canvas Pouch". Beautiful birthday surprise. :-) isn't it?

I also got lots of messages on Facebook. Thank you so much to all my Facebook friends! I think it is awesome to have virtual friends.

I don't know if you know already that I have a Fan Page on Facebook? Check it out! Fanpage

For a long week I did not blog because I didn't have enough time to think about my posts. I was sewing almost everyday. I got some customer orders to make! My family was sick! What else happened to me? I can't remember anymore!

So let me share with you some pictures. I hope you like them!

Customer order Big Bag!
Sewing the pleats!

Almost done!

Sewing the last part!

Ready to go!

My dish washing machine went crazy one night! We ran out of dish-washing liquid so we had the wonderful idea to use liquid soap instead of the traditional machine soap, OOPS!. What a good idea we had! We had the opportunity to wash the kitchen floor at the same time. (Highly recommended!:-)

Working on a new iPhone case!

Almost done!

The red bird with long legs!

One day we had to go to the emergency care because my husband and daughter didn't stop coughing. Now they are fine!

New bag! Handmade using recycled fabric.

Another new bag!

Craziness Quilt in my mind!

Making another fried egg brooch!

Ready to eat!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chile is Suffering!

Earthquake in Chile!

Land of the Mapuche warrior, of the good wine and the coveted copper. Long and narrow, from North to South, with its arid deserts and fertile green valleys. Land of songwriters and wholehearted poets that sing of illusion and hope. Dreamers and fighters with 200 years of living and thinking of love.
By Lolo Sinclair

Saturday morning Chile was shocked by a massive 8.8 earthquake. The destruction was huge. Lots of families lost everything in just a few minutes. Bridges, buildings collapsed on the ground leaving pain, sadness and despair.

My experience,

My cellphone was ringing early Saturday morning and I was woken up by my sister who lives here in USA like me. She gave me the news from Chile. I had so many thoughts in my head at that moment. I was scared about my Mom and my brother. We could not communicate for a long while with our family there. The lines were dead. Minutes of waiting were like hours. Finally after trying and trying I was able to break through and it was an enormous relief to hear the voices of my family sounding good and alive.

Let me share with you the first words and contact after the Earthquake from my friends who live in Chile. Please go to Etsy Storque. My article was published there today!

Now my people need help. Every single day the situation over there is growing worst. I'm supporting a beautiful cause called "frazada solidaria" (solidarity blanket) which consists in creating a quilt made of 20x20cm squares (that can be crocheted or knitted) utilizing any type of yarn. These squares will then be sewn together to create the blankets.

If you want to make one or more squares to donate to this great cause please contact me as soon as you can. I'm in charge of sending all the squares to Chile. After they get all the squares they will have a special ceremony to put them together and create the blankets.

For more information on how you can help my people please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Fuerza Chile! Go Chile!