Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patchwork blankets!

Some yarn to work on...

I'm crocheting some squares to send to Chile to make patchwork blankets. I'm not the fastest person in the world doing this but I do my best :-)

I don't know if you already read my other article about this project? If not take a look here

My first squares!

I'm so happy about the response of some Etsy vendors about this cause. The idea is to make a solidarity blanket which consists in creating a quilt made of 20x20cm (8" x 8" ) squares (that can be crocheted or knitted) utilizing any type of yarn. These squares will then be sewn together to create the blankets. For about a month I was getting the squares. Now they are flying to my country Chile to help the people in need.

My daughter was also exited about this project . She talked at her school about this and a classmate cooperated sending me a square that was made by his grandmother.

I'm still making more and more. It's fun. Relaxes me a lot! :D

I wanted to thank to all the vendors who took the time to make these beautiful squares. And the best way that I could find was just to make a post about it. I think your generosity was amazing! Thank you so much again!

Squares going to Chile! :D

Denise Paley


Thank you so much girls for the Turkish Coffee!

My daughter's classmate Grandmother !


Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is here!

Spring is in front of my door!
I love the sweet smell of a new life!
I love to see lovers walking together happily!

I love to find new friends everywhere!

I love what I do and I love you too!

By Lolo Sinclair

Spring is a beautiful season. Time to start wearing bright colors again.

For more than a week I started designing new models for this season. No time to be on Facebook and Twitter so often :-( I'm using some bright cotton, canvas, twill and recycled fabric to make them.) They are the first pouches from my "New Spring Collection". You will see more of them soon. I'm still thinking on making and designing hobos and totes bags with the same style. But everything takes time. The process of development is not so fast. I have to think about it before cutting the fabric. I have to think about how to make a nice useful bag for YOU! I love to create new things that keep my mind busy! I can't stop sewing this is my daily drug to survive in this world. This is ME!

Let me share with you a picture of the fabric that I'm using right now.

My pile of cotton canvas fabric!

I'm in love with my new pouches. This time I wanted to make another kind of pleats completely different from my crazy pleats designs. To make these pleats took me more time that I thought but I like the result. Here are some examples of my process! Check it out!

Pleats in process!

Sewing the pleats!

Finished pleats!

After I made the pleats I sew the pleated piece to the canvas. I decided to have the pleated fabric in the middle of the pouch instead of the bottom like the other pouches that I have in my online store.

Canvas and pleats!

The new collection is also quilted inside using recycled cotton fabric. Really soft inside and sturdy outside. You will love them!

After they were finished I thought they needed something else. An extra Lolo's special touch! So I looked at my beads ( I have thousand of beads that need to be used, I'm not beading right now ) So I took them from my boxes and put them into a leather cord. I made little loops to put them in the zippered hole of the pouch.

Beads and leather cord!

Now I invite you to take a look at my " New Spring Collection 2010 ". I hope you like them! Please tell me what do you think about it! Ideas, suggestions, comments are always welcome. Enjoy it! :D

Be passionate with blue pleats in red love!

Be romantic with brown pleas in yellow bright sun!

Be cute with red pleats in pink happiness!

Pile of my new pouches!

I'm still working on this one.