Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love Waves and More...

New Collection!

For a couple of weeks I was really busy working on a new kind of pleats and more. It took me more hours that I thought to create my new collection. By now I'm pretty good!

I'm working with linen. Plain and bright! To pleat them takes some time and patience as well but that is what I have when I'm doing what I love.

They are also quilted inside! Soft and cozy!

I called them "Love Waves " because when my husband saw the design he said: Waves!

He was right! The pleats are like waves and I didn't realize it until he told me. It is really helpful to have a husband like mine, hahaha! Creative mind!

Love Waves in dark pansy purple!

Love Waves in hot pink!

Love Waves in turquoise!

But these pouches were not the only thing that I was making. I also made some new checkbook covers. Specially one inspired by the "South Africa World Cup 2010". Check it out!

Checkbook cover!

This year the Chilean team was selected to participate in South Africa 2010! Awesome! We were absent from the World Cup for many years but now we are there, fighting to try to get to the next round. I'm crossing all my fingers!

I know it is just a game but we as Latinos love it. It is our traditional sport. We play it everywhere.

Red, blue and white the colors of my team! Go Chile! Viva la Roja!

The other checkbook covers that I made are funny, unique and cool skulls. I enjoy so much making them. I'm going crazy all the time when I have the time to make them.

The Hippie Skull in Black with turquoise hair!

Now I'm busy making some new iPhone cases for the new thinner iPhone. I hope to finish them soon. I will post some nice pictures about the process and the final result as well. See you soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Father's Day Blues!

Papá Checkbook cover!

I'm so happy!!

The article that I wrote about Father's Day was published today on Etsy " Storque Blog". Hooray!

I wanted to write something different about this special day. Check it out! It's a funny story!

The mere mention of Father's Day gives me the cramps!. Any other "day", Mother's, Teacher's, Secretaries or Valentines have very well defined shopping targets. Well, that is what all these days are all about right? I know, I know, you are supposed to recognize and celebrate the great deeds or fumbles of all the creatures that procreate, regulate, control and coerce you. And how do you do that? very easy. Mother likes to be taken to The Steak House at the end of a day that must include, breakfast in bed, no yoga, a trip to the spa with nails, hair and soothing massage. Done, easy.

Nice teachers get scented candles for some reason. I guess unconsciously we imagine them in a sort of altar where we worship them and ask for their favors (usually A's). Nasty teachers get scented candles as well. We hope somehow they catch fire and return to Hell where they come from.
Secretaries, we all know, get chocolates, usually the big box so we can also eat our favorites.The important thing in all these cases as we know, is that we do it first thing in the morning before the "other", otherwise we lose points.

Valentine's day is a cinch. First of all a card, always a card, the funnier the better. The good thing about this one is that there are so many options including forgetting it, which will bring catastrophic results including psychological torture among others. Otherwise get a mylar balloon, some flowers and a little Tchochke if you remember their particular obsessions; is it frogs or dinosaurs? elephants or bumblebees? make sure you check beforehand. If you are like me, you are sure to have many of these plastic souvenirs that you collect in fairs, conventions and such. The important thing is the significance of the gesture, or so we are told. So far it has always worked.

But Father's Day? I shudder... The memory of socks and ties, even underpants or suspenders that my mom gave my dad as presents, forcing his otherwise gentle smile into a grimace as he had to fake the emotion of being remembered as a sock wearer has always managed to give me a bowel movement.

My circle of girlfriends see no problem in buying their father yet another barbecue themed apron, a Gator beer holder or a pair of purple sleepers. Not me, not ever. I agonize for at least a couple of weeks before this dreaded date, lose my concentration and gain weight as I wander aimlessly across the mall, knowing quite well that there is no chance I will find something that he would be interested in.

But wait, what about Etsy? that's it! where else can you find something unique that really surprises him? something unexpected? I feel better now, my anxiety is gone...Happy Father's Day!!!

I invite you to visit the Storque and to take a look at the whole article. Don't forget to leave some comments as well! See you there!

Friday, June 4, 2010



She needs protection, she needs love... she needs you!

This recycled material art-doll was inspirited by what I found inside my trash-can and inside my house. It represents Our Mother Earth (Pachamama in the Quechua language of the Andes) beautiful and fragile, carrying between her arms the hope of a new life. She also carries with her all the trash that we, as humans have so carelessly made our trademark.

My trash-can!

Wow... It took me a month to try to publish this post about my art doll. I was really busy trying to solve a lot of ideas and personal stuff as well. So today I just decided to take some free time to seat in front of my computer and write down this story and take care of my blog that I love so much.

Let me start from the beginning. In December 2009 I sent this doll to a well known art and craft magazine. I entered a Challenge called "Mother Earth ". One day before Christmas night I got the news that my doll was selected to be published together with a few other artists work to represent " Mother Earth ". It was the best Christmas present ever!

I was so happy when I read my email that you have no idea. I started shouting and running like a crazy cat in my house. But hours before I read the email I was completely depressed. Suffering and questioning my whole life.

Cloth Paper Scissors magazine!

I was in heaven! And I'm still in heaven because I will be published again with another art doll. But I let you know later about it. Stay tuned!

So now it's time to show you my process and how I made the doll and what I used to make it!. But first I have to warn you because my post it's going to be long with a lot of pictures. I love to share every step about my creations. Maybe you can get inspired! Let me know!

Ready for the journey? Here we go!

All the materials that I used to create this doll are recycled.

Drawing the face in a little piece of muslin fabric using some color pencil and ink.

Sewing the face using some black embroidery thread.

Adding some polyester stuffing to the face.

She's ready to get some nice hair!

She got some yarn, fabric, thread and burlap as hair.

For the body she got a wine cork, black hair pins for the legs and copper wire for the arms.

Making the dress!

Sewing the dress!

Writing some words using my vintage typewriter!

Sewing the words to the dress!

Using some vintage ink to stain the little pieces of paper.

Making the shoes and sewing them to the hair pins.
Aren't they cute?

Painting the trash-bag using some acrylic colors.

Trash-bag full with our waste.

Making the base and adding some white artist gesso.

Base painted with acrylic paint!

Drawing the Baby!

Sewing the Baby!

Wrapping the Baby!

Pachamama and the baby!

Another view!

Handmade by Lolo Sinclair 2010

Reusing your leftovers has unlimited potential. I'm making more little things for myself, my family and for selling as well. This is my small contribution to protect our lovely Pachamama for the next generation.

I hope you enjoyed my journey!