Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Patchwork blankets II

My pile of knitting squares!

I got my last packages of crocheted and knitted squares from two fantastic Etsy sellers.

Thank you so much for your help, kindness and generosity.

They will soon be in my country to help earthquake affected people get warm in the cold weather in the South. If you don't already know about the beautiful cause called "frazada solidaria" (solidarity blanket) I invite you to read my article about it.

The first squares that I sent to Chile were already sewn together to create more blankets.

Check out this link with some pictures about the sewing process in Chile.

Let me share with you some pictures about the beautiful squares that I got!

Squares going to Chile! Yuppie!





Next are my squares. This time I knitted them because for me it's faster than crochet. I'm trying to use different kinds of yarn that I have in my house. Hope they like them! They are made with a lot of patience an dedication!

Thank you so much!