Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Going, going, ...GO!

My house in Gainesville before we moved!

It took me more than two months to login again into my blog. I have so many things to share that I have no idea how to start. Lot of things are going on in my head! New life, new ideas, new satisfactions, new people, new, new, new... Everything is new right now in my life!

I moved almost two months ago from Gainesville, Florida. It was a new and stressful experience for all of us. To pack your whole house by yourself was to much for me. I was really destroyed! Thanks God that I have a wonderful husband that supports me so much and helps me all the time when I need something.

Thousand of boxes were everywhere!

We had a very bad experience with the company we hired to move our things to our new location. To start they broke a special, beautiful and antique vase while they were putting our stuff into the truck. They didn't care and they didn't even say " Sorry ". I was completely pissed off at that moment.

Another view of the messy living room!

At the end of the day they told us to leave some of our belongings there because they could not put more stuff inside the truck. Can you believe this? We hired a huge truck! Those guys didn't know how to accommodate all the boxes and we had to rent a small U-Haul to put the remaining stuff that they couldn't fit inside the huge truck. Unbelievable!! It was a nightmare!

view towards the kitchen!

Then another nightmare. When the truck arrived to our new house we realized that our belongings were in another truck. Meaning they took all our stuff out of one and put in into another without any care or reason. Boxes labeled "very fragile" ended up under heavy book boxes or crates! Since we were not present during this change they broke many things including furniture, antiques etc. I need to say that it was all perfectly packed, we have moved from country to country and never lost one thing. They even managed to break some furniture, factory packed from IKEA!. And who covered those loses? No one, because the company washed their hands and demanded pictures of every item before and after, something obviously impossible. And then they would pay .60 cents per pound lost!!!
Worst experience ever!

Arriving at our new house!

We are now living in upstate New York. We are 10 minutes away from Ithaca in a little town called Brooktondale. The view is amazing! The landscape is wonderful. I am so happy to be here. The trees right now are changing color. After almost 8 years I have the happiness to see the seasons again. Autumn is beautiful in an area like this. We are so excited about winter. I know it's going to be cold but I don't care. I love cold weather. I come from a cold city at the end of the world. I lived in Europe, Munich, New York City and now here! New life, new thoughts!


One of the many waterfalls in the area!

Another Waterfall!