Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Labor pains!

Cute skull brooches by Me!

Don't be scared! :-))))
You will love them!

They are really sweet!!

Busy, busy making new stuff! Working with some recycled craft felt, stuffing, embroidery thread and my crazy imagination giving birth to...

... some cute and unique brooches. They are small and sooooooo sweet!

I really love to make them. My obsession for the moment and also my relaxation I think !

The Birth!
They are inside!

They are coming out!

Push, push, push!

Yeah! It's almost done!
Be strong!
You can do it!

They are so sweet!
They look like their father!
I'm so proud of you!
You made it!

Hope you enjoy the birth of my new children.
They are ready to go to a new home.
They are well educated, gentlemanly, funny and sooooo sweet!