Friday, April 22, 2011

Something for her... in zakka style!

I think one of my objective in my life is to bring happiness to my family. And specially to my sweet daughter. She is so good that you have no idea. I love her so much because she is a really good human being.

She is growing up so fast and I know that is a part life that I don't like. I know that one day she will fly away from the nest and I won't be ready for that moment, ever.

I like to make her laugh a lot because later in life it will be harder when you are alone trying to survive in this crazy world.

I also like to make a lot of different things for her, like purses, creatures, pillows, etc, etc so that she has a nice memory about her youth.

So this time I made a new pouch for her. Really cute and unique. Specially for her! My zakka style!

She likes blue, flowers, birds and other things. I made this pouch using some elements that she likes.

I used an unbleached cotton fabric to make the pouch. For the inside I used a print flowered cotton fabric and decorated the front using some craft felt and cotton fabric.

Enjoy my process and pictures.

Please don't copy my designs. If you are interested in having something similar for you or someone else just let me know!

Copyright© 2011 Lolo Sinclair